Romantic Neon Lights

29 abril, 2019

Neon means new!!
In 1898, a Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay made a discovery where he isolated three noble gases and gave them Greek names: neon, krypton, and xenon. Sir William bestowed a label of permanent novelty on the most famous of the trio—neon, which translates as “new.”

This discovery was the foundation on which the French engineer Georges Claude designed glass tubes in which neon gas could be trapped, then electrified, to create a light that glowed reliably for more than 1,000 hours.

Neon lighting is an icon of the 1900s. When we hear the word neon, an image pops into our heads: a combination of light, colors, symbols, and glass. This image is itself a mood. It carries an atmosphere. It speaks of the essence of cities, of the poetry of nights, of the 20th century.”

Some years later neon lost its fancy, its flare and its nobelty. It represented old fashion and became a symbol of decline. Too expensive to replace and too out of fashion, It almost dissapeared.

Came the early 2000´s and we start to see how neon lights take its place in the evolving world of events. Shining, trendy and almost brand new!!

Just one phrase and he is King again. Oh, romantic neon lights!!!

Agradecemos a Alfred Jan por invitarnos a colaborar en su proyecto y al fotógrafo Daniel Aguilar por sus hermosas fotografía.